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Working with FetchXML aliases in Power Automate

Posted in Power Automation, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform

For my private project (Key Box), I’ve built a FetchXML statement to group data already during the query, instead of building a logic in Power Automate. For that, I had to set an alias in the query.

FetchXML aliases in Power Automate

When I tried to access the “myOwner” alias, I did not find it in the Dynamics Content list of Power Automate. It only provided me the default Owner choices.

FetchXML aliases in Power Automate

Hoping that this is only a question of visualization, I tried to insert the “Owner (Value)” and got nothing. Therefore, I looked into the result of the Fetch query and found “myOwner”.

FetchXML aliases in Power Automate

tl;dr; How to access now FetchXML aliases in Power Automate?

  1. Select the original owner (or whatever you have) from the dynamic content list
  2. Place the cursor inside your action and copy the inserted formula
  3. Delete the inserted formula
  4. Paste the copied formula inside the expression area of the dynamics content
  5. Replace ‘@{‘ at the start and ‘}’ at the end
  6. Replace the original attribute name with your alias and press “OK”
FetchXML aliases in Power Automate

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