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KeyBox – A Dataverse solution to govern credentials

Posted in Power Platform, and Dynamics 365

Most of the time, I create solutions based on customer requirements. Sometimes, I create solutions to learn something new and “KeyBox” was my last personal project to learn some new skills.

KeyBox – The features

It is a solution to store and govern credentials (stand alone or in regard to a customer) in Dataverse. You can store usernames & passwords or client IDs & client secrets. It reminds you when the “valid until” or “remind me on” date is reached. Additionally, a note can be placed at the MFA switch and a URL.

KeyBox Record

Additionally, you can create new passwords, based on the rules of the organization.

KeyBox Config

I’ve learned in my KeyBox project:

Get your KeyBox!

Sounds like I try to sell you something, but I don’t. I put it on GitHub under MIT licence. Means you can use and modify it in any way you want.



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