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Some changes here

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As a loyal recuring visitor, you may have noticed same changes here in the last week.

  • I removed the small little image that indicates about which product a blog entry is written.
    From time to time Microsoft makes some changes on the logos and they have guideline for its usage and I’m
    not interested in taking about care such things anymore, so do without it.

  • The <-more-> TAG has been removed.
    I don’t wan’t to oppress me with my own design rules. Less clicks for you people.

  • I switched from multilingual entries to English only.
    The first time I have only written in German to support and interact with the German community.
    Then I added English to reach more people and have a greater audience. At the end there is no interaction,
    no matter in which language. So I spare me the double work.

Final words

I think you will profit from the restructuring because I will have less work with creating content and
I’m able to “fast publish” posts because I’m not stick at any layout.

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