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Enhancements to Sandboxes

Posted in Dynamics 365, and Power Platform

Today I get E-Mail where Microsoft announces that Dynamics CRM Online gets tomorrow enhancements to Sandboxes. The new features have already been announced during the Carina beta programm and now the get rolled out. Below I will paste you the details Microsoft has send with this E-Mail.

Enhancements to Sandboxes

We are pleased to let you know there are future enhancements to Dynamics CRM Online Sandbox instances!

What is a Sandbox instance?
A Sandbox instance is any non-production instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Isolated from production, a Sandbox instance is the place to safely develop and test application changes with low risk.

How should I use a Sandbox instance in my environment?
You should always use Sandbox instances when you test new functionality, such as a product update, a new add-on solution, changes to a form, or any customization you may include. You will be able to schedule your Sandbox instance to be updated prior to your production update, allowing you to test first.

What’s coming in regards to Sandbox instances in CRM Online 2015 Update 1?

  • Switching an instance enables administrators to easily change the CRM Online instance type:
    • Switch to production – ability to change an instance from Sandbox to Production
    • Switch from production – ability to switch an instance from Production to Sandbox
  • Deleting a Sandbox instance provides the ability to remove an existing sandbox when it is no longer needed:
    • Delete allows you to recover sandbox licenses and storage
    • You must switch production instances to sandboxes before you can delete them.
  • Enhancements to instance reset provides the ability to change your base language and currency during the reset. This allows you to use a single sandbox for testing across many different languages or currencies.

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