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How to delete a developer environment with Power Automate

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If you only understand the first and the last part of the title, you should click the button below to learn more about the “Power Apps Developer Plan” that includes a free Dataverse for developer (and for makers or course).

Normally Power Platform administrators can create, edit and delete Dataverse environments through the “Power Platform Admin Center” (, but developer environments from the “Power Apps Community Plan” differ here.

  • They can only be created through the “Power Apps Developer Plan” page at Microsoft (button above)
  • Everyone with Microsoft work or school account can create one personal development environment per tenant
  • They can not be edited (update name or URL) or deleted through the portal

How to delete a developer environment

I found out, that Nick Doelman already has perfectly described, how to delete a Power App Community Plan environment with PowerShell. Inspired by his blog post, I remembered that there is a “Power Platform for Admins” Connector for Power Automate (and Logic Apps) and I checked it out for you.

  • Open the the Maker Portal ( and select the default environment of your tenant on the right side of the header menu. Only there the Flow will be later reusable, because you don’t delete it with the environment it exists in.
  • Create a new instant Cloud Flow and give it a name, for example “Reset DevEnvironment”
  • Add an input parameter to the trigger action that will receive the environment ID
delete a developer environment
  • Search for the “Power Platform for Admins” connector and select it. I got the best search result by typing “PowerApp”.
the power platform for administrators connector
  • Now scroll down and select the “Delete Environment” action.
delete a developer environment with power automate
  • Select “Enter Custom Value” as environment input for the action and choose the ID that comes from the trigger action
delete a developer environment
  • Save your Flow

Usage of the flow

delete a developer environment

Now run the Flow and paste the Environment ID as parameter.

delete a developer environment

The flow run takes something between 30 and 120 seconds and ends with an 404 error, but at the end the environment has gone and you can create a new Power Apps Community Plan Environment again.

delete a developer environment

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