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Month: March 2021

ClickDimensions Release Notes – All-In-One Edition

Posted in Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions, and Power Platform

ClickDimensions has a monthly release cycle with a yearly major release. Surely you can imagine that most of the customers don’t prefer the automatic update and of course nobody makes manually updates on a regular basis.
The result of this combination is that I get often the question from customers: “What has changed since our last update?”.

The release notes of ClickDimensions are public available as single articles, starting from Feb 2018 – v9. These article contain the changes for each single version.

ClickDimensions Release Notes

Therefore, I started my own document that combines these releases notes articles, and I want to share it with you.

Features of my ClickDimensions Release Notes All-In-One Edition

Or in other words: “Benefits of bringing them in all together in an Excel file.”

  • Filter by date (EU release) or ClickDimensions version
  • Filter by ClickDimensions feature (Campaingautomation, Email, Analytics, etc.)
  • Filter by type (new features, improvements, changes and fixes)
  • Filter by update type (instant update or solution update required)
  • Search for a defect number
  • Versions that are not supported anymore are greyed out